Things to Do Near Conciergerie

Visit Louvre Museum

To ensure that you don't miss any masterpiece creations from around the world, a Louvre museum tour is one of the best things to do near Conciergerie. It is recommended that you tour the Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world, after dark. While you see the sculptures lit up during a night tour, you'll get a sense of the Louvre's unique ambience. Late-night visits to the Louvre have the bonus of revealing the museum's glass pyramid in all its illuminating glory.

Pantheon Paris
Explore Pantheon Paris

As the Church of Sainte-Geneviève, the Panthéon Paris was built around 1757 by architect Jacques-Germain Soufflot to replace an even older church with the same name. Each of the four saucer-shaped domes at the ends of this cruciform building is topped by a sloping roof, and the tall dome at the centre is topped by a soaring dome. The facade features Corinthian columns and a triangular pediment, reminiscent of the Roman Pantheon, giving the structure a classical appearance. One of the activities to do near Conciergerie is to explore the building's mosaics and murals, which reflect significant events in French history.

Sainte Chapellev
Discover Sainte Chapelle

The Sainte-Chapelle is a beautiful church that may be seen on the Île de la Cité, just 4.8 kilometres from the Eiffel Tower. Sainte Chapelle was built in the 13th century at the behest of King Louis IX of France. Construction on this structure began in 1242 and was completed four years later, in 1248. One of the best things to do near Conciergerie is to view the relics of Christ's crucifixion, which are housed in a Gothic edifice.

A stunning stained-glass window of 15 metres in height graces the building's ground floor, and even more impressive are the stained-glass panels covering more than 600 square metres on the second floor. Each of the 1,113 panes of stained glass of Sainte Chapelle depicts a different biblical story in rich blue colour.

Tomb Of Napoleon Bonaparte
See the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Dôme des Invalides was first a church where King Louis XIV celebrated mass, and then in the nineteenth century, it housed the Tomb of Napoleon I. During World War II, it provided a refuge for Allied airmen. One of the things to do near Conciergerie Paris nowadays is to investigate the history of the building and all the functions it has fulfilled. Documenting the history of Napoleon's tomb is one of the most exciting activities to do near Conciergerie Paris.

Eiffel Tower
Enjoy the Eiffel Tower Light Show

The 336 projectors, a lighting style, each containing a high-pressure, yellow-orange sodium bulb, were presented on December 31, 1985, by lighting specialist Pierre Bideau, and an electrician at Eiffel Tower. This style of lighting has been universally praised, and it has helped revitalise monuments in France and around the world at night. Seeing the beams of light illuminate the structure from the bottom up is one of the most breathtaking things to do near Conciergerie Paris. Before its final closure in 2009, the Tower was illuminated by 1,290 working projectors, which cast a beautiful glow over the intricate metalwork of the structure and provided illumination for the regions frequented by nighttime tourists.

Sunset Scene at Seine River
Take A River Seine Cruise

Taking a Seine River Cruise is one of the most beautiful activities to do near Conciergerie Paris. While floating calmly down the Seine River, you may visit some of the city's most famous attractions, including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris, and Notre Dame de Paris, on these short trips.

Many of the most famous and historically significant buildings, bridges, and other Parisian landmarks are seen from the riverbanks of the Seine. If you stand on the banks of a river, you might be able to see the city's growth and change through time. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee 1991 identified the Seine river banks as a cultural and natural treasure worthy of preservation. Although it may seem overwhelming to choose from the many Seine River cruises offered by various companies, rest assured it is one of the best things to do near Concierge Paris.

Citadel De Mahon Catacombs of paris
Take a tour of the Paris Catacombs

Some of the more unusual things to do near Conciergerie Paris include checking out the Catacombs of Paris, which are underground burial chambers located 4.9 kilometres from the Eiffel Tower. Over six million people's remains are housed in this little section of a tunnel system built to consolidate Paris' archaic stone quarries. With your ticket in hand, you can skip the long lineups to enter the ossuaries of the Paris Catacombs. There is an audio tour (offered in four languages) to help you navigate the maze of tunnels containing the skeletons of millions of individuals that may be found at a depth of 65 feet below the surface.

Rodin Museum Paris
Visit The Rodin Museum

Sculptures by the French artist Auguste Rodin can be found all around the city of Paris, and his work is also housed in the Rodin Museum. There are two names for the museum; one is Musee Rodin, and the other is Musee. Both the Rodin Museum's downtown Paris home and its suburban outpost are stunning. Visitors to Paris should not miss this museum, which exhibits thousands of groundbreaking artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and sketches.

Both of the museums' buildings boast spacious, bright interiors that are adorned with exquisite furnishings and artwork. Pieces by well-known artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Pierre Auguste can be found here. The museum also features works by Claude Monet and Camille Claudel, each of which are considered masterpieces in their own right. The Rodin Museum is a must-see for any visitor to Paris, and exploring it is one of the must-do activities to do near Conciergerie Paris regardless of their interest in art or the city's historical significance.

Sunrise From Trocadéro
Experience The Sunrise From Trocadéro

Although it is well-known, it bears repeating that the best place in Paris to observe the sunrise is from Trocadéro. Taking pictures of the Iron Lady from this location, hidden behind the wrought-iron building, is one of the most beautiful things to do in Paris, and is highly recommended if you're looking for things to do near Conciergerie Paris. Mornings at Trocadéro are ideal for photography because there are many fewer people there than there are in the evenings, giving you a better chance to get some truly breathtaking shots of Paris. Indulge in a peaceful stroll down the Seine at sunset to fully appreciate the city's splendours away from the madding masses.


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